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Resources for “I Got a Dog – What Was I Thinking?” Readers

Some good information to check out as you continue your adventures in dog ownership. Except where stated otherwise, none of this is 3 Lost Dogs stuff, nor am I responsible for the content of these websites. I just think they’re great.

The 3 Lost Dogs blog post that inspired the book: Thinking of Returning Your New Puppy to the Shelter/Breeder? Please Read This First

Fearful/Shy Dogs – The best resource out there for helping shy/nervous dogs. Lots of free information plus an excellent book.


This stuff will give you a good understanding of aggressive dog behavior, but if your dog has bitten someone or you think he might, please talk to a dog trainer in person. See the trainer category below.

Help, My Dog Bites! – This website has a lot of dog bite resources.
Aggression Basics
The Solution to Resource Guarding and Food Aggression – a 3 Lost Dogs article.
Aggression Training – A collection of resources for handling aggressive behavior.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety – Canine Style – A good intro to the subject.
When Are You Coming Home? How to Ease Separation Anxiety

My favorite resource for separation anxiety is this book: Don’t Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Puppy Socialization

A Brief Explanation on the Importance of Socialization
How to Socialize Your Puppy
Puppy Socialization: Stop Fear Before it Starts


CAUTION: Bones Can Kill Your Dog – Find Out Which Ones are Safe – How to safely give your dog raw bones to chew.

Housetraining and Dog Rooms

Potty Training with Real Grass! – An example of the natural dog potty mentioned in the housetraining chapter
Long Term Confinement Area for Puppies – A video demonstration of a dog room setup.

Finding a Trainer

How to Choose a Dog Trainer – Everything you could possibly want to know about working with a dog trainer.

USA Trainer Search
UK Trainer Search
AUS Trainer Search

Kids and Dogs

Living with Kids and Dogs – A fantastic website for parents.

Dog Parks

Dog parks can be a good way to exercise your dog – if you do it right. There are a lot of risks involved with visiting a dog park. Learn how to do it safely.

Dog Park Information