Must watch:

How I Survived the First Three Months with a New Puppy (And You Can, Too!) – A “documentary” I made about my Belgian Malinois’ puppyhood. It’s a comprehensive look at what it’s really like to raise a puppy.

And here’s everything else we’ve got:

Puppy care basics


Puppy training and problem-solving

When things go terribly wrong

Need more help than this? Check out Puppy Survival School:

You’ll learn how to:

  • Play a training game that quickly gets puppies to calm down and stop being obnoxious
  • Teach your puppy to politely “say please” when they need something
  • Get your puppy to sleep through the night
  • Help your other pets accept the puppy
  • Stop being stressed out and overwhelmed all the time
  • Potty train your puppy, even if he’s had a lot of accidents
  • And a whole lot more