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Dog Speak 101

Dogs have a complex communication system. Being able to understand it is an important skill for anyone who owns or works with dogs. This video course will give you a basic, yet detailed, introduction to the wonderful world of canine body language and communication. And it's completely free to join!

Practical Leash Manners: Loose Leash Walking

Finally get your dog to stop pulling on leash and happily walk WITH you, with a step-by-step plan that mortals can follow.

Super Recall

Get your dog to pay attention to you in public and reliably come when you call them, with just 15 minutes of training per day.

Dog Introductions Demystified

All about techniques for safe and happy dog introductions, plus a deep dive into the body language and “rules” of dog to dog interaction. Consider it our advanced Dog Speak class.

Puppy Survival School

Learn how to raise a happy, well-behaved puppy without losing your mind! Our most comprehensive program ever. It’ll walk you through pretty much every aspect of training, socializing, and caring for a puppy. So you can spend less time Googling, and more time making progress with your pup.