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The guidelines

Customer service emails take priority. If you have an issue with your order (“my ebook download doesn’t work!” etc), you’ll get a response ASAP. Click here.

Everyone else, it’ll probably take a week. And due to the high volume of emails received (a good problem to have, and I appreciate it!), I can’t answer every request for dog advice. For best results:

Keep advice-request emails as short as possible. If I need more details about your situation, I’ll ask.

But if you just want to introduce yourself, tell me about your dogs, or need to vent about your puppy troubles? Feel free to talk as much as you want. :)

I can’t answer health questions. Like anything related to vaccines, nutrition, or that weird symptom your dog just developed.

Before you email, use the search bar, above. There’s a good chance I’ve already answered your question in an article.

On guest posts and business inquiries

These are probably not the droids you’re looking for. To save you some time:

We don’t accept:

  • “Cold call” guest post requests
  • Link requests (paid or unpaid)

And we don’t run advertising. But thanks for your interest! I’m flattered.

Okay? Okay. Email me at

Alternately, you can message us on Instagram.