Video: River and Flower Meet for the First Time (Tips for Introducing Dogs)

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Tips for introducing dog to each other

Published May 5, 2021

After three years of long distance, our whole family finally lives in the same country! And now it’s time to start introducing these two packs of complicated dogs to each other. Oh boy. We decided to start with River and Flower.

In this video, you’ll see how their first meeting went, and pick up some tips for doing your own dog intros:

Update: we made a whole online course about dog introductions

We get lots of questions about this subject, so we figured “hey, why not take this crazy experience that we’re having anyway, film it, and turn it into something people can use?” And so Dog Intros Demystified was born! It’s all about techniques for safe and happy dog introductions, plus a deep dive into the body language and “rules” of dog to dog interaction. Click here to learn more

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