I need your help with one more thing… (project update)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! You are awesome. You gave me a lot of ideas for future 3LostDogs content.

Most of your responses fell into four categories, so I came up with four possible guide ideas. Now, I need you to vote for your favorite one:

Dealing with Distractions – “My dog obeys perfectly – in the kitchen with no distractions!” Learn how to get your dog to listen to you even in an environment where everything else is much more interesting. I’ll teach you the slightly sneaky method of putting distractions to work FOR you.

Calming Reactive Dogs – How to help a dog who freaks out at the sight of strangers, other dogs, people in Santa hats, etc. Learn how to identify your dog’s “I’m about to lose it” threshold, and work with it so that Fido doesn’t get to that out-of-control point. We’ll give your pup some impulse control and teach him to chill out and focus.

Puppy Manners – Learn how to curb obnoxious puppy behaviors like jumping, biting, and harrassing your other pets. We’ll talk about socialization, the most important factor in raising a well-behaved dog. I’ll show you what you need to do and how to do it.

Living with Multiple Dogs – One dog is easy, two dogs are a bit of a challenge, three dogs are a pain in the- *ahem* Anyway, I’ll teach you what the three lost dogs have taught me about living with a pack. Learn how to pick a “compatible” new dog and introduce him to your current dog(s). I’ll give you some pointers on maintaining a a peaceful household.

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I got a lot of good suggestions for a lot of different guides, but alas, I am one person and can only work on one at a time. However, I will be using each and every response you sent me to create future guides, videos, and blog posts. So don’t worry if yours doesn’t get picked for this first project.

This will only be vote-able for the next 48 hours, so no procrastinating! Get your vote in here

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